Cherokee County  
Animal Shelter 
1015 Univeter Road Canton, Ga 30115  (770) 345-7270  Adoptions Tues. - Sat. 10am-5pm Intake  Tues. - Sat. 10am-4pm
A memorial donation to support the care of animals can be the most fitting tribute for;
the loss of an animal loving family member
the loss of a treasured family pet
the loss of an animal loving employee
the loss of an animal loving friend
in times of great loss of nature
its more than a donation-
           you just may help save a life!
Special thanks from all the staff and animals of
Cherokee County Animal Shelter
1015 Univeter Rd Canton, GA 30115 
(770) 345-7270 
If you would like the family of the deceased to be notified of your donation, please include an address and a card will be mailed to them acknowledging your gift. 
Consider a donation  to your local animal shelter  as  a tribute to the memory of your loved one. 
To find out more about the Legacy Society   click here.