Cherokee County  
Animal Shelter 
1015 Univeter Road Canton, Ga 30115  (770) 345-7270  Adoptions Tues. - Sat. 10am-5pm Intake  Tues. - Sat. 10am-4pm


1015 Univeter Road 
Canton, GA 30115
(678) 493-4393

Intake Dept.

131 Chattin Road 
Canton, GA 30115
(678) 493-4387
Hours of Operation: 
Adoptions                              Intake Dept.
Sunday Closed                        Sunday Closed
Monday Closed                       Monday Closed
Tuesday         10:00-5:00        Tuesday         10:00-4:00
Wednesday    10:00-5:00        Wednesday    10:00-4:00
Thursday        10:00-5:00        Thursday        10:00-4:00
Friday             10:00-5:00        Friday             10:00-4:00
Saturday         10:00-5:00       Saturday         10:00-4:00 
Our mission is to encourage and respect the animal- human bond while anticipating and providing services that insure public health and safety through the proper promotion of animal welfare.  We seek to fulfill our mission through proactive animal-control enforcement, quality education in recognizing and preventing animal cruelty, and the enactment of progressive humane initiatives to relieve animal suffering.  We also provide care and placement for unwanted animals through quality adoptions, licensed rescue, foster programs and transport programs. 
Phone    (770) 345-7270
Fax        (770) 345-3212